How Bail Bonds Work in Utah

How do bail bonds work in Utah? Bail is established by the court and they base the amount of bail on the crime the defendant is accused of committing. A bail bond is issued to the court by the Bail Bond Company. AAA Bail Bonds must then guarantee the client will attend all required appearances. In order for AAA Bail Bonds to make this guarantee an agreement is established between the defendant, AAA Bail Bonds and the co-signers. The bond is considered 'in effect' until the final appearance of the client. At the final appearance the court will exonerate the bond.

The general public can hire a Bail Bond Company to post bail on their behalf. This is a private agreement between the Bail Bond Company and the client. Click here to see why AAA Bail Bonds is the most trusted bail bondsman in Utah.


The bail bond process is a great asset to our judicial system, as well as to the general public. See below:

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