Utah Bail Enforcement

Utah Bail Enforcement is regulated by the Utah Bureau of Criminal Identification. A separate license is required for all bail enforcement activity.

In the event a client misses a required appearance or violates our bail bond agreement, a licensed Bail Enforcement Agent is assigned and hired to apprehend and arrest the client for bond revocation.

Co-signers on bonds guarantee all appearances are made by the client.

To Contact Main Office Only please send a fax to 801-392-1280

Credit card and checks accepted

Owner is currently a member of:

  • President of Utah Association of Professional Bondsman and Agents (UAPBA)
  • Past Utah State Insurance Bail Bond
  • Oversight Board (Vice Chairman, 8 years)
  • Honorary Business Member Sheriff's Association

Our contract bail bond agents are all over the state. We service the state of Utah providing bail bonds for Salt Lake County, Utah County, Washington and Iron County, Weber and Davis County, and Cache County. We have access to nearly all county jails in Utah.